10 High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

Having healthy body is the dream of everyone; moreover one of the ways is to avoid the High-Cholesterol Foods. High cholesterol in some foods has the big risk to increase the percentage of the cholesterol in our body. That is why, for someone who has diabetes illness, those foods have to be known and have to be avoided. However, the consuming cholesterol in our normal body is about 300 mg. Meanwhile, if we get the dishes like diabetes or the high cholesterol, so we have to take care the cholesterol not more than 200 mg/day by looking for low cholesterol foods.

10 High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

10 High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

This High-Cholesterol Foods concept is not only to avoid the other disease which will come to the body, moreover this is done to avoid the bad cholesterol, which is very dangerous for our body more than we know. The mound of cholesterol in the blood of people also gives the big risk for the developing the brain. That’s why, for some cases, the mound of cholesterol is able to create the heart attack and the other brain diseases. Moreover, we must be careful with foods that raise cholesterol.

To minimalist the risk of the high-cholesterol, some foods have to be avoided. There are various foods, which will increase the high cholesterol in the blood. Here are high-Cholesterol Foods which has the low density lipoprotein must be done. We are sure that this information is good information moreover if you are going to get the healthy body. Let us read this article while having a glass of hot tea. You may prepare some snacks also to accompany your time. Wait; make sure your snack is less cholesterol, because it becomes the effect of your high cholesterol.

Let’s Be Healthy by Avoiding 10 High-Cholesterol Foods Lists

The first High-Cholesterol Foods is the egg. The part, which has the high cholesterol, is the yellow part of the egg. The kinds of foods that cause high cholesterol especially this egg has more than 213 mg cholesterol. Just imagine if you eat the egg, for sure your cholesterol will be more than 200 mg. Meanwhile, for the average cholesterol that we have to consume is not more than 200 mg per day. As we know that not only for this food, some other food that we consume also contains some cholesterol, moreover we have to be careful about what we eat to get healthy body.

The second High-Cholesterol Foods to avoid is the fast food. Well, who does not know about the burger? The fast food, which is so famous in, recently has become the international food that we can find everywhere. However, don’t you know that that food will increase your high cholesterol? A burger contains 175 mg cholesterol and it does not include with some additional food like the potato, donut and the other meats to complete the burger.

The third High-Cholesterol Foods is cheese. This food also has high cholesterol and you must consider when you consume it. It becomes the addicted food to avoid, because every day we can find the delicious cookies in our freezer. Well, it must be little trouble. However, we can try to do it for having the healthy body. Just remembering that the healthy body is very expensive than we have to hospitalize in the hospital for some days. Start from today, make our body healthy by avoiding those foods.

The fourth food is ice cream. Who does not like ice cream? However, ice cream also has the high fat which will increase the high cholesterol in our blood. The good news is the cholesterol contains in a glass ice cream is more than what you eat in your fast food or your donut. Rib cow is one of the favorite foods in some traditional Asian food. Probably this food also becomes your favorite food. Especially when it is combined with some soup and sauce, it must be delicious lunch. However, it becomes the fourth High-Cholesterol Foods, which will increase your high cholesterol in your blood.

Do you like muffin? It is one of the foods, which contains egg, margarine, and sugar. These combination ingredients are perfectly containing the high cholesterol. Like the egg, sugar, and margarine, these ingredients have the high cholesterol, which is ready to increase your cholesterol. Not only has fast food, the seafood also had the high High-Cholesterol Foods, which will ready to make your blood going up.

The eighth is fried chicken. All kinds of fried chicken have the same contain. It is because of the oil. Oil, which is used to fry the chicken, is the highest cholesterol. Moreover, if you are going to fry fried chicken, choose non-cholesterol oil to avoid the high cholesterol in our blood. The oil is ready to increase the high cholesterol in our body. That is why, it is better for us to avoid this High-Cholesterol Foods to keep our healthy body.

Cow liver is the ninth food to avoid. It is one of the 10 High-Cholesterol Foods to avoid. Moreover, if the process of cooking had used the milk squeezed from coconut where it also contains the high cholesterol, 3onz cow liver contains more than 300 mg cholesterol. The high cholesterol of this food is dangerous for someone who has the high cholesterol in his body. In other hand, this food sometimes is consumed with potato and a plate of warm rice where that food also has the high cholesterol. Just be careful, be healthy is not easy, but when you get sick, it is more than not easy.

The last food that is difficult to avoid is the snack that always accompanies us when we are watching TV or when we are enjoying the morning or evening. The light snack as if potato, creekers and others snack has been indicated for the cause of the high cholesterol in our body. We can try to avoid these bad activities by choosing the snack, which has the low cholesterol, contains that we can see from the list of ingredients. That is why we have to be smart one to avoid the high cholesterol in our body. Looking for foods to avoid cholesterol is needed to decrease the risk. Becomes smart by avoiding the 10 High-Cholesterol Foods for healthy body is not so difficult.

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