Apple Cider Vinegar to Reduce Cholesterol and Natural Antibody

Apple Cider Vinegar to Reduce Cholesterol – Some people were already use apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol with the good reasonable argument of its natural benefit. Based on the research journal, apple cider vinegar has chlorogenic acid. This acid has a good function to prevent the LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is a bad cholesterol that will cause the heart disease and other vascular disease. Of course, apple cider vinegar will become a good solution for us to prevent that common disease on this era. Moreover, vinegar has its good function as the natural antibody. It helps to cure the oral infection caused by the bacterial agents.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Reduce Cholesterol

Apple Cider Vinegar to Reduce Cholesterol: Behind the Studies

Well, as mentioned before, it’s recommended eating apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol because of the chlorogenic acid on the inside of the vinegar. However, the study about this chlorogenic acid actually proved on the animal. The research of this acid function on human body is still become a question. What works in animal is not always work in human. However, the other research already shows that woman who eat more apple cider vinegar get lower heart disease risk. From these facts, it can be a good correlation: this apple cider vinegar is effectively work to prevent the heart disease caused by cholesterol.

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The rat studies show that apple cider vinegar will reduce the triglyceride and cholesterol levels. The cholorgenic acid on this apple cider vinegar will help to protect the LDL cholesterol from become oxidized. Once the LDL cholesterol oxidized, it will cause the bad impact for the vascularization on our body. This is the main step that will improve into heart disease. Of course, it can be concluded that the studies about the apple cider vinegar is only show the association among the researcher conclusions. apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol still can’t prove the real fact about its effective function on reducing the cholesterol.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Reduce Cholesterol: Still Great Choices for Natural Medicine

It’s not a wrong habit on drinking apple cider vinegar to lower cholesterol. Although the studies still under development, eating apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol still has its good function to keep our body in health condition. The taste of apple cider vinegar will gain the deliciousness of the food. It has good act as the antibody agent on our body. Some studies also show the good impact of this vinegar on lowering the blood sugar level. For sure, it will also prevent the diabetic disease.

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The blood sugar is the main component of our body that will become energy. To transform the blood sugars into energies, our body needs the insulin to insert these blood sugars on the muscles. However, on the diabetic case, there is interference on insulin production. The apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol has its good effect on improving insulin sensitivity. Of course, it will help our body to prevent the raising blood sugars level that really dangerous. The high level of blood sugars will make the body in hyperglycemia state, which is a bad condition that will make you lose the consciousness.
Well, now you know the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are wide. It is not only good for the cholesterol regulation, but also on the diabetic’s thing. Of course, the good effect of the apple cider vinegar also has its benefit on its natural side. Well, start consuming apple cider vinegar to reduce cholesterol and share your testimony.