How to Lower Cholesterol without Medication

How to Lower Cholesterol without Medication – Naturally, our body requires a number of minerals and substances in order to stay healthy and active. Vitamin, calcium and magnesium are among those crucial substances that play an important role in our growth. Other than that, we also need many other substances to sustain our system and every substance needs to be in control. You should consume all those substances in sufficient amount. Should you have too much or too less of any substance, you might experience a number of serious issue on your health. Let us take cholesterol for example; this substance is naturally made by our liver. You can also obtain this important mineral from a number of food products. In order to help your body and system function properly, you need to do whatever it takes to keep the cholesterol at a safe level. When you have high cholesterol in your system, it will lead you to a number serious health issues including stroke and heart diseases. Lowering cholesterol has to be done safely and properly. You might need to see your doctor to check the exact level of your cholesterol. Your doctor might also come up with recommended medical treatment to deal with your high cholesterol. Medication might be a good choice to deal with this issue yet you need to understand that medication mostly comes with side effect. Therefore, many people tend to seek for more information on how to lower cholesterol without medication.

How to Lower Cholesterol without Medication

Getting to Know Your Cholesterol

Every substance in our system comes with its own functions and characters. Our body requires cholesterol to help produce healthy cells, cell membranes and vitamin D. This substance is also essential in the formation of certain hormones and bile acids. It seems like cholesterol is one of the most important substances in our body as it is also useful for many other bodily functions. In order to help you perform all those important bodily functions safely, you only need cholesterol in a limited amount. Any higher amount might lead you to some serious threats to your health.

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Basically, our medical experts have revealed two types of cholesterol found in our body. The first type is the high density lipoprotein which is also known as good cholesterol. This friendly cholesterol comes with a great capacity to carry the excess cholesterol back to our liver. The good cholesterol comes very handy in breaking down and eliminating the excess cholesterol from our body. Another type of cholesterol needs more of your attention. It is known as the bad cholesterol or low density cholesterol. This unfriendly cholesterol is come with a great capacity to form plaque in your arteries. Should you fail to prevent or at least disrupt this dangerous process, your arteries will be narrowed. This condition will ruin the process of flowing blood to the heart. No wonder when many experts mostly associate high cholesterol levels with life threatening problems to our heart. In order to keep your body healthy and prevent yourself for a number of serious health conditions like heart diseases and stroke, it is crucial for you to keep the levels of the bad cholesterol lower than the friendly cholesterol levels.

A Few Tips on How to Lower Cholesterol without Medication

Taking medication to deal with high cholesterol has been a familiar solution so far. Yet this cannot be an ideal option for the people who have some allergy to certain type of chemicals. Some people with high cholesterol are not recommended to take medical drugs due to their ages or their medical history. After all, taking medication mostly comes with side effect especially when you take the drugs without any supervision from your doctor. For those stated reasons, dealing with your high cholesterol naturally has become a more preferable solution. This natural option has turned out to be a much safer way to reduce that bad cholesterol for everyone. Most of the time, this natural effort has to be supported by physical exercises so that you will have more effective result that will last for a long time.

Should you wish to keep yourself away from the medication and its possible side effects, you need to make a drastic change on your daily meal. You need to start giving up your unhealthy diet plan and shift your focus on increasing the healthy foods intake. Foods with plenty of fiber come with many benefits to your lowering cholesterol efforts. The healthy food substance comes with a great capacity to absorb the cholesterol from your system. Fiber can be found in many fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also get more fiber by consuming whole grain products. There are many other sources of fiber from the nature such as almonds, apples, avocados, bananas, bread, boiled broccoli, brown rice, carrot, garlic, chili peppers, oatmeal, oat bran, orange, olive oil, potato, popcorn, raspberries, raisins, soy beans, tomatoes, strawberry and many others.

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Not only that you have to increase the intake of nutritious natural foods that are very rich in fiber, you are also required to keep yourself away from consuming foods rich in saturated fats as well as trans fats. These foods can increase the levels of the bad cholesterol in your body. Furthermore, consuming too much of trans fats will lead you to more harmful condition on your health. Not only that those foods will lower down your HDL cholesterol, they will also increase the risk of a number of heart diseases. Trans fats can be found in many types of delicious foods. You might have some problem in giving up these foods. Not only that you have to start decreasing your cakes, cookies and crackers intake, you also highly recommended to say goodbye the consumption of hamburgers buns, pizza dough, pie crusts, muffins, butter, ice cream, cheese, sausages, chocolate, palm oil and coconut oil, ghee, fried foods, pastries, microwave popcorn and so on.

Should you wish to know more on how to lower cholesterol without medication? You need to embrace yourself for giving up some of your most favored foods. You can consider this as a good investment for you health and long life.